Wednesday, May 09, 2007

no day but today

forget regret, or life is yours to miss...

i don't think there is a musical that affected me the way that rent has (there was the lion king show in broadway which brought me to tears during the opening but it was more on relief that i got to watch the show after waiting for hours in line to get in) .

i got to watch the show in manila when eric and i were still dating,that was around 2001...about six years ago. i don't think we were even officially boyfriend-girlfriend back then.

anyway, the husband has a copy of the soundtrack and we would play it in the car every now and then. that's why seasons of love became one of our fave songs (we even included it in our wedding vid and prior that has been my signature ringtone that no one seems to recognize).

when i was in new york back in 2004 i was deciding on watching the lion king or rent in broadway but since i already watched the rent production in manila and have been wanting to watch the lionking in westend since 2003, i decided to just go and see the lion king (which by the way is a spectacular production).

when rent the movie came out last year, eric was so excited but i don't think it reached the cinemas in sydney so we just waited for it to be available in our friendly neighborhood blockbuster. a couple of months ago, we did just that. eric and i couldn't help but sing while watching the movie! i don't know why but the musical seemed to have affected me in some way after that. i have this need now to watch it again on stage and i'd constantly listen to the soundtrack on my way to work.

if you haven't seen it, i suggest you head out to your nearest video rental shop and rent it, literally.

***click here for trailers and clips***

ps. i have been wanting to blog about this since after watching the movie but never got around in doing just that. thanks to liv for inspiring me to blog about my rent experience.

Monday, May 07, 2007

my drink of choice

as far as i can remember, i've always been a baileys drinker (i never really learned to like beer, which make night outs quite expensive for me or my dates). sure, i occasionaly drink smirnoff mule (which unfortunately isn't available in australia), archers spri (an aussie find, watermelon for me!), gin & tonic (bombay sapphire please, thanks to a certain welsh friend of mine), tequila, wine or jagerbombs (another aussie discovery which i brought back to manila) but baileys would always be my comfort drink.

guess what the husband brought me from the liquor store tonight...

and it's on sale too! 2 for $50 from liquorland!

i know that baileys recently released a couple of new ranges, baileys with a hint of mint and baileys with a hint of caramel. i haven't tried them yet but from what i hear, the original one is still the best.

what's your drink of choice?