Wednesday, September 05, 2007

awaiting a miracle

we got the greatest news early morning (7am to be exact) last august 16, thursday (on the second day of my missed period). we couldn't contain ourselves and immediately called our families to tell them about it with the warning that it has yet to be confirmed by a doctor. everyone was so excited for us. we've been married for a little over two and a half years and have been trying for over a year. we even went as far as having ourselves checked and everything was fine. things really do happen in HIS time.


august 17 (friday), eric told me to do the test again and it came out with the same result...two pink lines!


the first doctor who found out about it (but unfortunately was unable to confirm it) was my cardiologist (i have a congenital heart disease so i've been seeing a cardio eversince i was a kid). i was scheduled to see him before we found out so i told him about our good news but i have yet to meet with my ob which was scheduled the week after. anyway, he sent the results of my 2d-echo to both my gp and ob adding in the report that i could be pregnant.


september 2 (sunday), father's day is celebrated in australia during the first sunday in september (mother's day is celebrated with the rest of the world during may, don't ask me why). as soon as i found out about it, i was thinking of telling eric during this day but obviously i couldn't keep it to myself and wait (we couldn't even keep from telling our families!). i had to act fast and think of a very first father's day present for my dear husband and decided on this...

cherish from the willow tree collection

and this...

peter downey's so you're going to be a dad


september 5 (today) finally! the day we've been waiting for. met with my ob today and she knew about it based on the report from my cardiologist. i told her that she really really have to confirm either by ultrasound or bloodtest and we're not just hallucinating about it since i haven't been experiencing any pregnancy symptons like morning sickness, etc. (i know i shouldn't be asking for it but then when we found out i just wanted confirmation that it is really true!). it was a good thing that she has her own machine inside her clinic and we saw our beanie baby and the heart beating! we definitely are expecting! we're now on our 7th week and our baby is due on april 21 (mid-late april).

i'm now waiting for the husband to arrive so we can go through the folder the ob gave us that has everything that we need to do during the pregnancy. it has everything you can think of! the schedule on when to visit her again, the scans, the screens and the tests we need to go through and when, even the referral to have the delivery at the san where we decided to give birth (which by the way we have to do now, imagine that!), information regarding excercise during pregnancy, pain relief during childbirth, caesarean section (just in case, you can't plan a c-section here since they really promote natural childbirth) as well as instrument-assisted delivery. she also provided us with a brief description of her fees and charges (what's included in it, what's not, how much you can claim towards medicare, how much it would cost you out-of-pocket, when is it payable, etc.).

before meeting her, eric wasn't sold yet to have her as our obstetrician since she was both an obstetrician and a gynecologist (which apparently is not a norm here unlike in manila), she was female (yup, majority of ob here are male, so females supposedly charge higher) and she was also a fertility specialist connected with sydney ivf. but after meeting her and seeing how much she charges upfront, eric seems to be happy to stay with her.

since it's now official, i told my close friends (and blogged about it!) which is such a relief since we've been keeping it to ourselves for two weeks now (not an easy feat!). good news are always meant to be announced if i say so myself. :-)

now time to to start saving for that bugaboo...