Saturday, December 08, 2007

halfway there

20 more weeks to go!

i've started to feel "sensations" inside my tummy around the end of my 18th week. wasn't sure if that was the baby moving since it wasn't consistent (malay mo gas lang sya or something...). but i've been feeling it constantly now so it surely is him! i wouldn't describe it as butterfly flutters (as what i've read in mags), it was more on rolling and squirming inside. it usually happens at night but every now and then i'd feel it during the day.

as posted earlier, we found out that it's going to be a boy during our morphology scan which was done on our 19th week which really came out as a surprise to everyone!

my blood is still being continually tested every three weeks. the good news is i haven't heard from our hematologist since our last appointment. our agreement was that if my platelets drop to a dangerous level (around 20,000 i think), she'll give me a call so we can proceed with either me taking drugs or transfusion. no news is good news. but we're hoping to see her next week before our trip just to be safe.

it's been getting uncomfortable sleeping now with the growing belly. i find that putting a pillow underneath it while sleeping on my side helps (i still can sleep on my back with no issues though it's just i read it's best to sleep on your left side). i've woken up in the middle of the night twice already with really bad leg cramps. the first time it happened, i was able to pull my foot to stop the cramping but the recent one i had, i couldn't reach my foot anymore! and it took the husband a while to realize what was happening and pull my foot for me! i still wear my heels to work (i wear decent height heels anyway). i wonder if that contributes to my leg cramping...

i officially can't wear my pre-pregnancy pants anymore. for a while, looping a rubber band in the button hole and then hooking it to the button worked. but then as the weeks went by, i can't seem to zip my pants up anymore. besides, people at work keep on telling me that i've all of a sudden "popped", that's when i decided to stock on maternity pants already (not to mention an officemate actually commented one day "for god's sake autumn, get some maternity pants already!" since it was really obvious that my pants were unbottoned with a rubber band looping the button and the button hole obvious through my tight top, nakakahiya!). i just hope they last through the entire pregnancy para ma-roi ko naman my investment on the preggy clothes! i can still get away with wearing some of my pre-pregnancy tops, as long as they're stretchy. :-)

also, people in the office have started to ask me when i'm due so i guess it's really obvious now that i'm expecting!

we had our company christmas party last night at sydney shangri-la. buti naman i was able to come up with an outfit to wear kahit last minute (i got a non-preggy top but in a couple of sizes up from my normal pre-preg size, it's a good thing that uso ang empire/babydoll cut ngayon!). i'll probably wear the same outfit as my christmas outfit para ma-sulit. we have a wedding to attend to while in manila so isa pa yung outfit that i have to come up with soon since i don't think i have time to buy a dress to wear. i didn't realize dressing up while preggy could be so challenging!

we've been so busy with work lately. too busy in fact that eric had to put his day care search on hold until next year (after returning from our christmas vacation in manila). ako naman, we kicked-off our project at work about two and a half weeks ago and my replacement only started last week so medyo stressful talaga. had to remind myself every now and then to take it easy kasi i'm scared that it might affect our baby. been going home so exhausted lang talaga not to mention sleeping late as well the past couple of weeks.

on the shopping front, we got our graco pack 'n play already (we got the oakwood design). the car seat we'll probably get early next year na. we've been buying some little stuff already (blankets, clothes, etc.) but we really plan to buy the bulk of it in manila.

went shopping almost the entire day today for more pasalubongs and eric couldn't resist buying this for the baby boy when we saw it...

that's it! i'm celebrating my birthday on monday and our anniversary on tuesday. we didn't make any big plans this year since we're both so busy with work and we're off to manila on friday already. siguro dinner lang kami somewhere nice. till my next post...

Sunday, December 02, 2007

one shopping day

we were planning to go to bondi junction eversince eric got his new laptop so we could buy the oakley laptop bag that he wanted. i told him that we'll get it for him (that's me and the baby boy) as our present already for christmas. he told me wanted to get an overnight/travel bag as well (his jansport backpack has seen better days) so i told eric that we could get that for him for our anniversary. so happy that i got his presents already! at least i don't have to worry about it anymore.
since we were already there, we went to nine west so i could show him this big tote bag i wanted (perfect for our trip to manila, fits my usual bag stuff plus passport and other travel stuff i want to bring on the plane not to mention stuff that i might buy in bangkok airport dutyfree during our stopover!). he was more than happy to get it for me that since he knows he needs to come up with a lot of presents for me this month (i got the one in black though)!
i already asked my ate to check out some coach leather bags in the us as well (carly leather in chili and ergo belted leather hobo in either black or brown, sorry, i can't seem to copy the bag pictures in their site). sobra unti lang kasi ng bags that their sydney store carries, mga old styles pa. not sure though if she could get it for me since she's already in atlanta for work (she was on holiday in san francisco and then las vegas a week before her business trip). na-guiguilty ako magpabili ng lv batignolles kasi when eric went to the lv store, it costs a whopping au$1,100.00!!! we could already buy our baby's car seat with that (we don't have a car seat just yet)! coach siguro i wouldn't feel so guilty. :-)

we were there lang sa bondi junction for two hours only (and that includes having lunch already). which is good kasi we don't have to pay for parking yet. ang mahal kaya mag-park there!

given that this is the second to the last weekend till our vacation in manila, we decided to do some more shopping for pasalubongs today. so off we went to birkenhead point. we first went to the nine west outlet. i was able to get a bag for my mama (i wasn't planning at all to give her a bag for christmas). eric was able to get my sis-in-law a handbag and i was able to get a weekend bag for myself (courtesy of my dear husband again, super cheap lang naman eh!).

then we went to the surf shop to get my brother his rip curl boardshorts which he asked me to buy for him (my siblings think that australia is the land of billabong, rip curl and roxy, dami nga here but they're so expensive naman kaya! i wouldn't be surprised if it's cheaper sa manila). sana lang it fits since i got him a 38 (he told me to get a 36 pero walang nice na 36!). i called one of my sisters in manila and asked what size i should be getting for him and she said the last time they got my brother a 36 pants, they had to return it for a 38 so hopefully tama nga (but the shorts really look big). oh well, if it doesn't fit him, then it goes to my papa. i also got thongs (that's flipflops for you!) for my sisters since they were on sale, 3 for au$20.

we also passed by the pumpkin patch outlet to get the baby boy some stuff (we got ourselves stuff kasi so i wanted to make sure that he doesn't feel left out :-P). got a two-pack onesies that snaps on the side. i find baby stuff so expensive, i can get cheapo tops for au$10 (not the best quality though) samantalang the baby clothes costs around au$15-20. i really have to stock up on the basics while we're in manila. not to mention ang unti lang ng clothes for boys samantalang ang daming cute stuff for girls!

before our free parking ended, we decided to go home already (obvious ba that we hate paying for parking???) we went home happy with all our shopping finds but broke. oh well, at least happy naman...

Saturday, December 01, 2007


i had to choose a song that i'd dedicate and sing to my new husband during our wedding reception, this would be it...

land of the loving

deep in your eyes is a promise
love can be ours if we want it
starting tonight every dream i ever knew
here in your arms i'm believing
finally my life has a meaning of its own
here in the land of the loving i am home.

i was alone in the city
searching for someone to find me
cold empty nights and a million strangers' eyes
here in your arms i'm beginning
to leave behind all the loneliness i knew
here in the land of the loving there is you.

in this simple room magic is made
though the world seems unchanged
leave the lights on i'm a little afraid
this might be just one sweet dream.

deep in the night love is growing
though i had no way of knowing
that when i found you i found everything i need
here in your love i'll be staying
fin'lly my life won't be living all alone
here in the land of the loving i am home.

if only i could deliver it as good as her, i wouldn't even think twice about doing it. :-)