Sunday, April 20, 2008

he's finally here!

* birthing story to follow...

Thursday, April 03, 2008

the waiting game

had an appointment with our ob late afternoon yesterday and was told that i have been scheduled for an induction on wednesday, april 9 at 7am. upon examination, i was found to be 2cm dilated already, cervix is ripe (sorry if it's too much information) and baby is engaged and in position already! which comes as really good news because if not for all of these, we have no choice but to do a cesarean which i don't really mind but i prefer to try a normal delivery. platelets as of last test came out to 155,000 which means i have the option for an epidural if in case i do request to have one. we're on the end of our 37th week this week so if i deliver by wednesday next week, we're on our 38th week so our baby is considered full-term. and to top it off, my mama and brother are arriving tonight! i was a bit hesitant at first in them arriving so early given that our edd is not until april 21. i prefer my mama to be here when the baby is born to help me out and teach me how things are supposedly done. i'm just so happy that things are falling into place. so i'll have our baby in my arms by wednesday! that is if he doesn't decide to come out between now and then...

not sure if it's just psychosomatic given the news yesterday but i've been having frequent contractios now. late last night, i was having them one after the other and instinct told me to pack my bags. so i got up in the middle of the night and started packing! i didn't wake up eric anymore since the contractions were more uncomfortable than painful. but i ended waking him up anyway since i was going in and out of our room and making all these noise around the house.


i really have to blog about this before i forget. you know how i've been planning the little one's baptism already and how i bought a baptism romper that is a way too big? well, i finally decided to contact veluz (my wedding gown designer) and asked her how soon and how much it would cost for her to come up with "an heirloom piece baptismal gown that our family can use for generations, suitable for a boy and a girl, can fit 0-3 months" as per my exact words. take note, this was just a little over a week before my mama and brother are leaving manila. you know what she told me, "eight hours on a weekday for you. gift ko yun sa yo!". when she was over in sydney middle of last year, we didn't get to meet anymore since she was so busy but we sure talked over the phone. and i did mention to her that eric and i were pregnant and she immediately told me she'd take care of our baby's baptismal gown. i never forgot that. that's why she was always on my mind when i was looking for my baby's baptismal outfit. and this is the response i got from her on my gown specs, "all baptismal gowns are really like that, pwede girl or boy, peter pan collar, super haba. kaloka naman, may bonnet pa (i requested for a matching bonnet as well)! pina silk? gift ko nga yun! wag ng mega burda ha!" who am i to contradict her? it's a gift, she even made it pina silk, i don't mind if it's not "mega burda" since i want it simple lang naman talaga, rush na nga and it's funny how she's telling me she'll put it in her very own special box since her box is really nice (during our wedding wala pa syang own special box). i was so happy! i told eric and he told me mahiya naman daw ako so i told veluz that. you know what she said, "drama, gift nga eh"! sobra na-iimagine ko sya sinasabi yun sa kin.

mama picked it up last night. and you know she told me, "got your baby's baptismal gown. it's gorgeous. veluz has outdone herself again. it's indeed fit to be an heirloom piece, so dainty and elegant. call veluz and thank her. ang ganda. see you tomorrow."

mama texted me again this morning telling me that they are just waiting to board their plane to sydney and my brother is handcarrying the baptismal gown which i'm assuming is in veluz's very own special box.

just want to share these pictures i sent through to veluz after our wedding. my subject was the ultimate designer and she immediately replied back saying kinabahan daw sya sa subject ko. :-)

all i can say is that she deserves to be who she is and where she is right now.

3 years 4 months ago and XXlbs. lighter

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

eight years of nine


it's exactly eight years today since we graduated from college.

six are still in manila, two are in dubai, one is in singapore, and i'm in sydney.

between us, we've had three marriages, two births (another one really soon courtesy of me), countless gimiks, shed some tears and our fair share of joys (not to mention numerous ex-boyfriends between the nine of us, some contributed more than the others here :-P).

i don't think i'll ever meet friends like them here down under. i miss them. thank god for email and ym messenger.