Saturday, September 12, 2009

i can only dream

we decided to get a capsule for the litte baby. we didn't get one with aidan since we thought it was just a waste since you'll only get a good couple of months using it. but now that i have to think about how to manage daycare drop-off with the little baby (i couldn't just leave little baby in the house can i?), best option would be to get a capsule so i don't have to take little baby in and out of the carseat all the time.

i did my research and narrowed my choices down to these (i was looking at hiring one so initially i just went for the low-end ones):

fisher price capsule

steelcraft cruiser capsule

but i found out that this is available and it was love at first sight:

bugaboo takata carseat

perfect for my bug but is not available in australia. :-( so i searched for another capsule compatible with my bug and found this:

maxi cosi cabriofix in mystic brown

i've seen people around sydney using this but apparently it doesn't meet australian standards yet even though it has passed europe, united states and canada standards. i'm so tempted to get one though since the review is very good (even looked into european baby websites that ship to australia).

and then decided eventually on this since it is compatible with my bug not to mention available in australia (yay!):

peg perego viaggio in papaia

anyway, i went to target the other day and found the fisher price capsule on clearance at 60%! i couldn't resist and got the last available one in stock. another mom actually approached me and told me how she got hers just recently since it was so cheap although she hasn't used it yet.

i'm still thinking if i should get the peg perego one. i could always return the fisher price but for the price i got it for, it's such a steal and too hard not to use such a good buy.

if only i had my way, i'd love to get the bugaboo takata carseat so i'd have the complete travel system.


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