Wednesday, March 22, 2006

loving stevie

i just got my christmas present from pete and sarah (it has always been with them but we never got the chance to get it).

i did tell them that i wanted this when they asked what present i want (kapal i know but at least i got what i want!).

can't help but join stevie singing while listening to it!

ps. too bad his song "isn't she lovely" wasn't included.

Friday, March 17, 2006

back in the game

after 87 domestic goddess days (that's counting weekends and holidays), i'm back to the workforce this time with toshiba.

my headhunter just confirmed with me this morning that i have to report to work on monday next week. i applied for the position last monday, got a call for an interview on tuesday, went to the office of the headhunter on wednesday, client conducted a phone interview yesterday and here i am ready to report for work on monday. ang bilis ng mga pangyayari!

i was working with another headhunter who got me an interview with my previous company (haven't i had enough of ibm?) last week who requested for a second interview for next week. since the rate and terms are the same, i decided based on the work being offered. and besides, it took ibm longer to make a decision, so sorry na lang sila.

and there's this other headhunter (i don't think there's any law that you have to work with only one) who keeps on telling me about positions available with their clients who are willing to pay very good rate but never got me an actual interview with any of them.

talaga nga naman, when it rains it pours.

i've been looking for work since february but only seriously and actively looking for one two weeks ago. now that our home is slowly taking shape (one guest room and the guest bathroom left to be painted!), i realized that i need to help eric with the finances especially if we plan on putting anything in our living room, dining room and guest rooms.

i hope it works this time. i just want to be happy with what i'm doing and with the people am working with. is that asking for too much?

when i told eric about my new work next week, he said "o, wag mong tatarayan yung mga officemates mo sa toshiba ah." :-P

Thursday, March 16, 2006

not guilty

i was running errands this morning when i decided to pass by a furniture shop near the station before heading home to check out tallboys (i badly need one for our room and the matching tallboy of our bedroom suite is no longer available :-<). i spent a little over 30 minutes in the shop looking at furniture when i found these on my car's windshield...

kainis! i parked near a post that has a loading zone sign on the left and a permissive parking sign on the right (beside each other that is, so IN CASE i broke the law it was just because i was confused with the signs :-P) . i'm pretty sure i checked before getting out of the car if it was okay to park where i did and upon checking the signs, i felt it was all okay. when i left, there was even a car parked in front and behind me! since i can't believe i was fined for parking there, i drove back to the area to read the sign again and still was convinced that i didn't break any law!

i need to pay au$125 (that's a little less than php5k!!!) which i'll be getting from my tallboy fund. :-(

i thought of not telling eric about it but since i still can't over the fact that i was issued a ticket, i need to bring him to the exact spot where i parked a while ago when we go back to the furniture shop later this afternoon after picking him up from the train station (that is if he's still interested to look at tallboys with me).

i'm thinking if it will be worth to elect having this matter heard at court or if i'll just charge it to experience.

i'm still sticking to my not quilty plea.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

one of the reasons why i love to watch oprah

in addition to his genius ideas to decorate and transform a room...he's cute too. :-) he's even got his own nate berkus collection at linens-n-things.

can't wait to get my hands on his book!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

congratulations tyrone & girlie!

*in london with girlie girl (2003)

my ex-officemate, girlie, got married last weekend to her longtime boyfriend, tyrone. pictures of their wedding taken by dino lara can be seen here. how i wish we could be there...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

tribung ALARCON

you have no idea how clan-ish the alarcons can be.

my papa has 5 brothers and 1 sister, all are married, and between them have 23 children. imagine how big our get togethers can get. this doesn't include in-laws and grandchildren yet.

i remember my mama would always say "mga alarcon pa lang, party na".

heck, we even have our own alarcon yahoogroup and tribung ALARCON website. the men in our family ALL enjoy riding their big bikes, tinkering their cars or shooting guns...and they do it together.

imagine growing up with crazy uncles and aunt...

*during kuya arvi & ate michelle's wedding 12-oct-02 (missing tito boy)

poor eric...when the family (and i mean the whole clan) first met him, my titos and cousins messed with him, he was teased and taunted to the bone. it was a test (if he can manage a lifetime of that), and he survived it. out of the 23 cousins, only 6 are married (for now) and i was the second female cousin to tie the knot. when i got married, the alarcon side of our family were kidding that eric should have been the one to change his surname to alarcon than me changing my surname to dominguez as he was more alarcon-ized that me dominguez-ed.

i miss my family back in manila. but home now is where eric is.

*during our wedding 11-dec-04 (missing tito reggie & family)

Friday, March 03, 2006

next to you - our onsite wedding video

eversince our wedding, i've been wanting to post our avp and onsite online so our family and friends (esp those who weren't able to attend) can view it. i was so excited to discover google video and somehow managed to rip the dvd copy of our onsite to a file that it will accept (unfortunately, the trial ripper program i was able to download has a cap of 5 mins running time so i was only able to work on the onsite which was okay for now).

anyway, our onsite video is now live in google video but i can't seem to run the video that's embedded on my blog! aaarrrggghhh!!! i emailed google video support already and did what i was told but still can't seem to get our video running.

so i'll just direct you to the link where you can view our onsite wedding video. credit goes to jason magbanua's team who shot the video.
*it's best to pause the video until the entire stream is downloaded before playing it

a little (long?) background, the song being played is our theme song (cheesy i know, but it is OUR song). not a lot of people know it since it's an old song (panahon ni eric as i'd always say) which is good so it wouldn't be so baduy and overused. i still remember the day when HE decided it will be our song. we were still dating then and he was bringing me back to my house after our date when i decided we should drive a little bit more so we could be together for a while (i was enjoying his company). we ended up just driving round and around quezon memorial circle when the song was played in his car radio (his 105.1 crossover presents unwind II another classic crossover collection cd was playing *track 9*) and he said, "this is my song to you". so when we were planning for our wedding, it was non-negotiable that this song be played for our onsite video. i even had to burn a copy for jason since i wasn't sure if they could get hold of a copy of this song!

next to you
dan siegel

if i had me a bag of good wishes
there's no mystery to what i would do
i would use all my magical powers
and try to get next to you

i would bring you a field of flowers
as your lucky star would do
with my heart i would paint you a rainbow
if i could get next to you

there's so much we can share
however far too long

we both know that there's so much here
this is where i belong

late at night when i close my eyes
make believin' that you are here
dreamin' of the things we do
if i could get next to you

in my mind, ooh ooh, i have kissed you
and it feels like a thousand times
i'd lose track of all the hours
dreamin' i'm next to you

this is where i belong

late at night when i close my eyes
make believin' that you are here
dreamin' of the things we do
if i could get next to you

in my mind, ooh ooh, i have kissed you
and it feels like a thousand times
i'd lose track of all the hours
wishing and hoping
that I could get next to you