Friday, November 21, 2008


we're finally here! pr210, the flight from sydney to manila was far better than i expected. i guess it helped a lot that mama was with us during the trip. aidan pretty much just slept and ate during the flight.

i've always been excited coming home to the philippines but this trip is extra special since i'm bringing aidan with me. this will be the first time my sisters and my in-laws will meet our little man.

as expected, it was very hectic the moment papa picked us up from the airport. we've only been here for a little over a week and so far we've been to greenhills (twice!) and trinoma. went out on a date with my sisters to watch hairspray the musical at the star theater in ccp complex. i had my manicure, pedicure, footscrub, haircut and diamond peel already (things that are a luxury back home). met with all the titos, titas and cousins from my papa's side of the family already (as send off to aris, jen and enz and welcome to me and aidan). mommy, ate gigi and tricia also passed by malingap already to meet aidan.

we'll be going to montemar at the end of the month during the long weekend. in preparation for our dos palmas trip after christmas, we're still deciding if we want to do a practice dive in anilao around the first week of december. we're thinking of checking-in at shangri-la for my birthday on the 10th. eric will be only be joining us here in manila a couple of days before christmas so he's missing a lot! aidan will also be celebrating his 8th and 9th month birthday here so we're thinking what celebration to do while he's with family in manila.

hectic? this is the longest vacation i'll be having in manila eversince we moved to sydney and i sure intend to make the most out of it!