Tuesday, January 29, 2008

we keep coming back to manila...

we had a pretty hectic and intense three weeks in manila. trying to make the most of our short time there, i met up with friends the first week (took a toll on my body though since by the end of the first week, i was feeling sick already from all the late night-outs!), second week was spent with family to celebrate christmas and out-of town dive trip to dumaguete (i had to content myself snorkling though since i couldn't dive given my state now), and third week (or should i say the entire time i didn't meet up with friends) was spent shopping, eating, and more shopping (we bought so much stuff for the baby boy that we had to leave five full shopping bags in malingap which my parents will just bring when they come over and visit around april).

i paid homage to trinoma (countless times), greenhills, tiendesitas, eastwood, serendra and mall of asia (wasn't a good experience though). pinatulan ko even the sunday market at lung center (i got a LOT of carter's overuns from there)! feasted on chicken joy, jolly spaghetti and jolly hotdog at jollibee, sisig at gerry's, fried chicken and caramel bar at max's, spinach dip and linguine di valentino at cibo, upscale turo-turo at mang pepe's, friday's special thin crust pizza, chick n' chips and thick strawberry milkshake at shakey's, angel hair pomodoro at italianni's, ice blended mocha at coffee bean and tea leaf, giant squid at aloha polu kai, virgin martinis at larry's bar, black paella and conchinillo at alba's, ebi tempura and chicken kamemeshi at kamameshi, pasta, pizza and gelato at amici, bibingka with goat cheese and salted egg at via mare and other places i can't remember the name anymore. i had a couple of massages while there (not to mention the foot massages i got in bangkok airport), a haircut (the last one was around the same time last year!) and a diamond peel session.

we attended a wedding (eric attended two weddings while we were there). my mama and sisters threw us a baby shower before christmas. we went to the annual alarcon christmas party at pao the day before christmas and then heard christmas eve mass at club instead of our parish. christmas morning was spent in malingap and then off to san juan for christmas lunch with the in-laws and visited daddy at manila memorial. we then went to dumaguete for a couple of days before having our annual fireworks display in taysan to welcome the new year.

truly hectic and intense but it was worth every minute.

baby shower

christmas eve

on our way to apo island

family picture before leaving dumaguete

with ange friends

with miriam friends and the newest addition, tim

with p&g friends